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Hip hop has always been there since time in memorial and has been known to many as a way of expressing oneself with uttermost honesty and being proud of where one comes from. With its development in the entertainment industry, there has been an influx of hip hop stars that have come to fame because of their music. With them have emerged their girlfriends who have been brought to the spotlight more especially because of their boyfriends’ careers. While being with a fellow celebrity would make sense as both of you are able to handle the spotlights, some of these hip hop stars girlfriends are just ladies who are normal people and unknown before they get together with these celebrities.

For some, these relationships are more of business contracts while for others, it may due to love. Most of these relationships come with a lot of pressure and expectations from all around and more or so from the fans and the media who are constantly checking on their relationship status and the progress it makes. Every relationship is unique in its own right, from the flings to the long lasting ones that end up in marriages.
Below is a list of some of the top hip hop stars girlfriends who have dated or are currently dating rappers;

Christian Milian
Christina is majorly known for her careers in music and acting as she is a renowned singer, songwriter and actress. The mother of one, has dated a couple of celebrities in the past but is currently on the spotlight because of her relationship with one of the most famous rappers, Lil Wayne. They had been spotted together a number of times getting cozy before they actually confirmed that they were indeed dating. Although the couple split due to the cheating affair that Lil Wayne had, they have been rumors that the two may be getting back together again since they really love each other and would wish to overlook Lil Wayne’s cheating.

Shantel Jackson
Shantel is an actress popularly known for her role in the movie, Freelancers. With a sexy body that is known to attract many men, she also likes dating celebrities who are quite muscular and well-toned like her former fiancée renowned boxer, Floyd Mayweather This time is no different as she is hooked on Nelly, a hip hop star who has been in the rap industry for quite some time. The couple has tried keeping their relationship out of the public eye but it has now been made publicly known with speculations of the two being engaged.

Kylie Jenner
Being one of the youngest members of the Kardashian and Jenner family, Kylie has been under a lot of pressure to fit into the shoes of her older sisters. The Calvin Klein model and business entrepreneur who has made her name through Kylie Cosmetics and modelling career, has been dating popular rapper, Tyga for quite some time and had even moved in together before they split up. Many people believe that the mastermind behind their breakup is Black Chyna, Tyga’s ex who dislikes Kylie and claims to feel uncomfortable having her son, King Cairo around her. However, there have been attempts on Tyga’s end to reunite with Kylie as seen in his social media accounts.

Shanice Tyria Sarratt
Shanice is an author and business woman who likes being involved in projects that are meant to promote the general welfare of the community. Her relationship with rapper Antoine McCollister, popularly known as Ace hood has been through thick and thin. The couple had two daughters back in 2011 and were even seen to be meant for each other as they were so good together. However, following the death of one of their two daughters, their relationship is seen to be going through rocks as the two are constantly shifting blame back and forth with accusations of cheating. The couple is currently expecting a third child and although they have separated, they have not entirely ruled out any chances of them getting back together.

Lira Mercer
This model and actress, who is occasionally referred to as Lira Galore because of her amazing Instagram photos, has indeed had a lot said about her, from the time she faced the knife to enhance her looks to her relationships with celebrities such as Puff Daddy. Her affiliation with big bodied rapper, Rick Ross has led many to perceive this relationship as a fake one claiming that Lira is just after his money and fame. The couple has been together for some time, got engaged but has split a number of times apparently because of Lira finding out some shocking revelations about her fiancée at that time.

Nicki Minaj
Onika Miraj, popularly known as Nicki Minaj is one of the leading female rappers in the world that is known for her many hit singles and platinum albums that have gained recognition globally. Although she has been rumored to have dated a number of celebrities, she has confirmed that she is indeed going out with Meek Mill, another famous rapper. The two have worked on a number of projects together and have been seen to really enjoy their time together. In one of her interviews where she was asked if the two are engaged, she laughed and said that they were in no hurry and were simply a boy and girl getting to know each other. Although many people prophesied that they would not last, the couple seems to prove them wrong as they are still happily in love and together.

All in all, there are so many hip hop stars girlfriends in the entertainment industry, with some of them being casual partners while others end up being wives. Although they may have their careers that make them prominent, they are constantly being referred to as their boyfriend’s partners, and not necessarily as their own brands. For others, it is their boyfriends who have made them famous. It is also quite evident that being with a celebrity does not save you the daily dramas and problems associated with relationships as seen in most of these relationships.

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